Every year, few thousand people are seriously injured by slips and falls. Many factors are the cause of these accidents. Some of those cases can be subject to lawsuits. Homeowners and business owners by law are responsible for maintaining all common areas of the property in reasonable security.

Definition Of Slip And Fall

The term “slip and fall” Is used to cover a certain amount of accidents. A slip and fall occur when a person loses his balance, falls and as a result presents wounds; All this was happening in a foreign property.

There Are Several Types Of Slip And Fall Accidents In Florida law, Including:

Trip and Fall: When a person falls on an object in his path or on an uneven surface.
Step and Fall: It occurs when the fall is caused by a hole or a low point during the trajectory.
Slip and Fall: The fall occurs due to a wet or slippery ground.
Other dangerous conditions can be: broken carpets, changes in soil, poor lighting, narrow stairs, damp ground; All these aspects can cause someone to fall and get hurt.

Slip and fall accidents

Other examples of slip and fall incidents can occur when a person is walking on public sidewalks that are cracked or broken; Or fall on escalators in a public place. Slips and falls may also happen when someone slides or stumbles and falls due to rain, snow or a hidden hazard, like a pothole on the ground. People are injured by falls almost every day, but some of these injuries are the result of the irresponsibility of other people wherein according to the law they can file for compensation.

It is the responsibility of homeowners who are renting or of business owners to keep their property in reasonably safe conditions for customers, guests or individuals who are renting the home. If the responsible person knows or should know that some part of the property is not safe, this problem must be solved as soon as possible. If the problem is not solved and product to this a person falls and is injured then the owner or owner is responsible for this accident. This is considered as negligence, so the affected person can file a lawsuit.

If a person falls, because he was not looking where he was walking, he can not entirely accuse the owner of the property. If the affected person is to blame for his injury, then the amount of money that the owner of the establishment where the incident occurred should be reduced.

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